Dem Senator Misses Jobless Vote to Give Speech to Lobbyists in Hawaii

Heather Ginsberg

1/12/2014 12:21:00 PM - Heather Ginsberg

After Democrats were making such a big deal over the vote for extending unemployment benefits, you’d think they would all make sure to be there for the vote. Apparently pandering to a lobbying group on vacation is more important to some.

Senator Mark Begich from Alaska missed the vote this week in order to deliver a speech to a lobby group in Hawaii. Not only was he looking to schmooze with the lobbyists, but he made sure to fit in some quality fundraising while there too. He held two fundraisers for his senate race.

Senator Begich is in his first term and is also now one of the biggest Republican targets for next year’s elections. Begich was one of 3 senators, the only Democrat to miss the vote on extending unemployment benefits. He was also absent on the Senate floor for the confirmation of Janet Yellen to the chairwomanship of the Federal Reserve.

There are currently two very strong Republican candidates looking to take Begich on in the fall, so this will certainly be a race to watch. When a senator would rather chum it up with lobbyists than vote for his constituents’ interests, one must worry about how they will feel about him when it comes to vote in November.