Georgetown Law's New Class Called “Regulatory Advocacy: Women and the Affordable Care Act”

Heather Ginsberg

10/28/2013 3:30:00 PM - Heather Ginsberg

A renowned Catholic University is offering a class next semester teaching students how to promote and protect Obamacare-covered abortions. Georgetown Law is a D.C.-based private Catholic university whose supporters don’t seem too happy about the new class.

The course is said to focus on “regulatory advocacy as it pertains to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and women’s health”. It also calls on students to work with the National Women’s Law Center to “develop projects that will assist in the organization’s regulatory advocacy efforts”. Previously the law center showed support for Obamacare and its mandate requiring religious institutions provide insurance coverage including abortions and other birth control options.

The professor set to teach this class is Kelli Garcia, senior counsel at the National Women’s Law Center. This teacher is also known for her love poem she wrote to Planned Parenthood. She has proclaimed that groups refusing to provide contraception coverage are using their religion to discriminate against women.

This new class at such a reputable institution is shocking to see. Not only does the class make it clear where the university stands politically, but their choice of professors is just a slap in the face to several of its Catholic supporters. Talk about making a statement!