What it's Like in Boston Right Now: Updates from Friends There

Posted: Apr 19, 2013 10:21 AM

Although we are hearing a lot about possible developments coming out of Boston this morning, we are not really hearing what it is like to be a resident right now. As a native Bostonian living in Washington DC now, I have been in contact with many friends at home to see what it is like there.

One friend I contacted wrote, “I'm in central square of Cambridge where this all started with an armed robbery... all I can hear are sirens. The only non-police car I've seen down my street has been a trash truck. I've been following the feeds/news/scanners all morning, I'm most worried about the recent reports that there are supposedly multiple bombs scattered around the city that the brothers planted last night and that there are more suspects than just the brothers.”

Most, if not all schools in the area are on lockdown including Boston University, MIT, Lesley, Sufffolk, Bentley, Boston College, and Masschusetts College of Pharmacy. My friends at these schools were mostly alerted by emails from their schools that classes would not be held and that the school would be closed for the day.

Another friend who attends Massachusetts College of Pharmacy has forwarded me emails from her school that she has been receiving through the early morning hours. Apparently a hoax call was made to Boston Police about a shooting outside Children's Hospital. During the time (3:20am) of this hoax, her school was put in to lockdown. Throughout the morning, as events continued to unfold. The students have all been advised to keep indoors and stay tuned to their email accounts for new updates. Most students are now watching TV from their respective dorms and apartments.

Now that it has been confirmed that the suspect still on the loose is a current student at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the campus is now being evacuated. The most recent email from the college states "Students, staff and faculty have been asked to leave campus in a calm and orderly fashion. This action is in response to information that the person being sought in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing is a registered student. State, local, and campus police are on campus to assist with the evacuation and to conduct a full investigation." Many are scared right now wondering what will come next. Students have been asked to report any suspicious behavior or any notes they may have about the suspect.

With a madman still on the loose and potential other suspects out there, many in Boston and surrounding neighborhoods are simply not leaving home this morning. With the city on lockdown, no public transportation, and police monitored streets many don’t want to leave. The fear of what could be out there is keeping everyone locked in their homes.

Please pray for everyone in Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods right now. We will keep you updated with more updates from residents of the Boston area.

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