DHS Orders Bagpipes? So Much for Sequester Cuts

Posted: Apr 11, 2013 7:30 AM

The sequester has been a major topic of discussion ever since Obama started using scare tactics to try and get his agenda passed. And since the sequester went into effect, we haven’t heard the end of it. White house tours were cancelled, even though the money saved from that is pocket change. But shockingly enough, we haven’t seen planes falling out of the sky and the economy hasn’t collapsed. However, there is still the threat of some federal employees getting furloughed, which everyone is trying to avoid…well except for Janet Napolitano.

Apparently the head of the Department of Homeland Security is not even trying to save the government any money. Yesterday DHS ordered a new supply of musical instruments including bagpipes and drums. There is music writing software included in the order as well as the many small parts that go into caring for bagpipes.

I guess Napolitano didn’t get the memo. We are supposed to be saving money here! How exactly are we “securing the homeland” with bagpipes and drums? The problem here is, that Democrats keep saying that the sequester cuts were too much and that we weren’t going to be able to continue life as we know it without this money. Well obviously, that’s just not true.

Maybe Obama administration should look at how their departments are spending funds and do a little audit. The scare tactics aren’t going to work when there is hypocrisy coming from within the administration and officials the president appointed. Until the President looks more closely at how money is being spent from within the government, he cannot preach about how raising taxes is the only way out of this recession.

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