Hundreds of Texas Educators Take Free Concealed Handgun Class

Posted: Apr 07, 2013 4:55 PM

Before he was killed, former Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle envisioned a concealed handgun training class for educators. Yesterday this vision came to life when over 700 teachers and administrators attended the all-day session on gun laws and their safety. The class took place at a school in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. Dalworthington Police Chief Bill Waybourn planned the class with Kyle and was happy to see the results, “It went from 20 to 30 teachers to the more than 700 we have here today. It just exploded with Chris’ involvement”.

Teachers from across the state and at least one representative from each school district in North Texas attended the class, which was organized in response to the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., according to the report.

Participants who complete the required live-ammunition firing training will be eligible for concealed-handgun licenses, the Fort Worth Star Telegram reported.

Last week, the Texas Senate Education Committee approved a plan to train armed teachers for gunfights in classrooms or at campus sporting events or board meetings.

Texas already allows teachers and other school personnel who have previously been certified to carry concealed weapons to do so in classrooms with the permission of their local school districts.

Teachers and administrators who took the class said that they found it to be helpful for life outside the classroom.

Obviously, there were hundreds of people who found this training to be of help and maybe others will now see that people who learn about guns and how to properly use them are not our enemies. The secret to having a society where guns are legal and safe is to have the citizens learn how to use them and in a safe manner. Taking away our rights is not the answer to solving gun crime in this country.

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