15% of Americans Now Receive Food Stamps

Posted: Apr 06, 2013 8:45 AM

With yesterday’s job report, many are trying to pretend that this is a sign that America is on its way up and out of the recession. Liberals are trying to explain that jobs were added, they somehow forget to include that thousands of people left the job market too. And we are now seeing another sign that perhaps, this Obama economy really isn’t helping the American people all that much. 15% of Americans are now on food stamps! This doesn’t seem like a recovery to me!

The number of Americans on food stamps this January was 1.8% higher than January 2012. The food stamp program is now the government’s largest social welfare program. It was no surprise that this program grew when the economy was shrinking, but now that it is supposedly growing, why aren’t people moving off of assistance?

With 47.3 million Americans, or nearly 1 in every 7 people, now receiving food stamps from the government, it seems quite clear that the recovery isn’t getting down the chain to everybody.

Illinois was the only state to see a double-digit year-over-year jumps in use, while Oregon, Maine, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Idaho, North Dakota, Utah and North Carolina all posted annual drops.

Mississippi was the state with the largest share of its population relying on food stamps — 22% — though Washington, DC was a bit higher overall at 23%. One in five residents in Louisiana, Tennessee and George also were food-stamp recipients. Wyoming had the smallest share of its population on food stamps — 7%.

So when liberals try and pretend that red states are the worst and are receiving the most assistance, let’s just look at the facts, Washington, D.C. receives the most assistance. Washington, D.C. is also one of the bluest areas in this country. Yes, Mississippi is the second highest and is also traditionally red, but also look at all of the historically red states that were able to shrink their number of users. Illinois, the President’s home state, saw double-digit year-over-year jumps? Obviously something isn’t going right there. Not only do we know they have problems with their gun violence, yet strict gun laws, but now we also know that perhaps the Democrat policies there are not all that helpful to its residents.

The constantly growing number of recipients of food stamps is getting out of hand. Until there is a serious reform of this system, we will continue to see abuse. Additionally, until President Obama realizes his economic reforms are not helping every day Americans we will not see this number shrink.

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