Republicans Want the 49ers to Win

Posted: Feb 03, 2013 12:00 PM

A new poll out this week has us all excited about today’s Super Bowl! In case you don’t know, the match up this time around is between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Both teams had tough runs during the playoffs, so it looks like this will be a close game tonight.

But, how you ask is this relevant to politics? Well a new poll out this week shows that most Americans are rooting for the 49ers, as are most Republicans. “Republicans are mostly 49er fans (by a wide 43 percent to 26 percent margin), but Democrats prefer the Ravens 39 percent to 33 percent. Independents were nearly evenly split, voting 29 percent for the 49ers and 28 percent for the Ravens.”

The poll, conducted by Clarus Research Group, finds that 35 percent of U.S. adults want the 49ers to win and 31 percent prefer the Ravens. In addition, 34 expressed no preference for either team.

"Seems that the nation is divided, not just about politics but also about football," said Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus. Who will you be rooting for tonight? Or will you just be tuning in for the commercials and the halftime show?