Video: Emotional George W. Bush Dedicates Presidential Library

Posted: Apr 26, 2013 4:12 PM

Having conspicuously avoided the limelight since leaving office in 2009, President George W. Bush stepped back into the public eye yesterday to dedicate his presidential library in Dallas.  Stick with this clip to the end, where Bush gets choked up talking about his love of country:

That speech capped a big week for Bush, who's received accolades from some unlikely precincts -- from mainstream media figures, to Democratic members of the presidential fraternity, to Donna Brazile?

I joined him despite my frustration because the need was too great for finger-pointing and blame-making. He flew to New Orleans and addressed the nation: “Tonight I also offer this pledge to the American people: Throughout the area hit by the hurricane, we will do what it takes. We will stay as long as it takes to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives.” George W. Bush was good as his word. He visited the Gulf states 17 times; went 13 times to New Orleans. Laura Bush made 24 trips. Bush saw that $126 billion in aid was sent to the Gulf’s residents, as some members of his own party in Congress balked. Bush put a special emphasis on rebuilding schools and universities. He didn’t forget African-Americans: Bush provided $400 million to the historically black colleges, now integrated, that remain a pride, and magnet for African-American students. Laura Bush, a librarian, saw to it that thousands of books ruined by the floods were replaced. To this day, there are many local libraries with tributes devoted to her efforts. It was a team effort. I’m glad to report the commission I served on went out-of-business in 2010. I’m also grateful and proud to report that President Bush was one of the leaders, and a very important member, of that team. Our recovery can be credited to the civility and tireless efforts of President Bush and other Americans, who united and worked together to help rebuild the Gulf and the place of my birth, New Orleans.

As Dan noted earlier in the week, Bush's approval rating has quietly ticked northward for years; he's now pulled even with President Obama in the high-forties.  I'll leave you with a post from former Bush adviser Keith Hennessey entitled, "George W. Bush is smarter than you."

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