Bipartisan House Majority Defeats Senate's Unbalanced Budget

Posted: Mar 21, 2013 10:03 AM

They'll debate and vote on the balanced, popular, pro-growth GOP alternative later today, but yesterday held an important moment of its own:

The House on Wednesday rejected the Senate Democratic budget in a 154-261 vote, with 35 Democrats voting against the blueprint from their upper chamber colleagues. House Democrats were instructed to vote for the Senate Democratic budget, but 35 of them defected...The House also rejected the budget from the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in a 105-305 vote...The Progressive Caucus budget was also rejected 84-327, but it managed to pick up a few more votes compared to last year. Most Democrats voted against this bill, just as they did last year when it was rejected 78-346.

They would have voted on the president's budget as well, presumably, but it doesn't exist.  This executive abdication is unparalleled over the last 92 years of American presidents, dating back to the passage of the current law.  Here's a list of the Democrats who voted no on their own party's budget, perhaps because it raises taxes massively, punts on every major reform, and never, ever balances.  Coincidentally, many of the blue "no" votes were cast by vulnerable incumbents being targeted by the NRCC.  Funny, that.  Mary Katharine Ham makes two good points about last evening's events:  (1) "Opposition to Democratic priorities continues to be consistently more bipartisan than the coalition that passed Obamacare."  (2) The 'no' bloc "may be surprised to learn that they all hate old people and children, or whatever evil it is Democrat Budget Deniers are allegedly guilty of today."  Indeed.  Stay tuned for updates on Paul Ryan's latest "Path to Prosperity."  The full floor debate and roll call votes are available on C-SPAN...

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