Surprise: Tax-Hiking Dem Senator Forced to Pay Tax Penalty on DC Mansion

Posted: Feb 20, 2013 12:31 PM

This post pretty much writes itself.  Step one - Louisiana liberal Sen. Mary Landrieu demands higher taxes on the American people, averring that President Obama's recent $600 billion hike (in addition to all the Obamacare taxes) "is not enough" to satisfy Big Government's spending appetite:

"We have to bring more revenues!"

Step two - Louisiana liberal Sen. Mary Landrieu admits to underpaying the taxes she owed on her $2.3 million Beltway home and cuts a check to the Washington, DC government to settle the discrepancy:

Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu has now paid the tax penalty owed to the District of Columbia government on her Capitol Hill mansion, a spokeswoman for the senator said Tuesday. Citing publicly available documents, The Daily Caller first reported this week that the Democratic lawmaker and her husband were facing $1,206.95 in tax penalties on their home. “Senator Landrieu and her husband believed that property taxes on their DC residence were paid in full by the required due date of Sept. 15, 2012,” Amber McDowell, a spokeswoman for Landrieu, said in a statement.

Step three - Senate Republicans' campaign arm pounces on the news, seeking to draw attention to the story in Landrieu's home state --where she happens to be up re-election next year:

Mary Landrieu’s campaign slogan must be, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ Senator Landrieu wants hard working Louisianans to send more money to Washington for President Obama to spend, but got caught failing to pay her fair share of taxes on her DC mansion. Senator Mary Landrieu’s mansion tax avoidance is the latest case of powerful Democrats in Washington trying to force the people to do one thing as they do another.

Step four will be in the hands of Louisiana's voters in November of 2014.  Unlike their senior US Senator, they're not a particularly liberal bunch.

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