Video: RNC Blasts Obama Over Familiar "Dime" Deficit Pledge

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 12:07 PM

In my recap of the big speech last night, I addressed President Obama's dubious assertion that his raft of proposed new spending (another stimulus, free pre-school for everyone, sundry "investments," etc.) won't increase the deficit "by a single dime:"

This turn of phrase is a major red flag. After all, this president pledged to halve the deficit by the end of his first term and failed spectacularly. He also employed nearly this precise formulation while pitching Obamacare, all the way down to the "dime" verbiage. With that program's cost estimate continually rising, and with some of the phony pay-for gimmicks being stripped away, the massive program will fuel deficits and debt for years to come. The president has no credibility on this issue, which the American people understand.  

CNN's report that the White House is refusing to attach any pricetag to the president's basket of proposals tells you everything you need to know.  To help drive this point home, the RNC's rapid response team produced a powerful video illustrating Obama's historically atrocious record on deficits and debt, turning Obama's "dime" refrain against him in a big way:

Zero credibility.