Alleged Cop Killer Pens Manifesto Applauding Obama, Gun Control Efforts

Posted: Feb 08, 2013 10:46 AM

A deranged ex-cop on a killing spree is on the loose in California; he's already murdered three people, including an LAPD officer, and is vowing to target other law and enforcement officials and their families until he's stopped:

A former Los Angeles cop with military training vowed war against other men in blue Thursday, leaving one officer dead days after he allegedly killed two other people to begin a wave of retribution for being fired, police said. The focus of the intensive, expansive manhunt is Christopher Jordan Dorner, a 270-pound former Navy lieutenant who has professed his venom against LAPD officers he claimed ruined his life by forcing him out of his dream job.  

In a rambling 11-page manifesto, the accused killer lists his grievances, ticking off a roster of potential "high value targets" -- including white officers in predominantly black neighborhoods, and various black, Hispanic, Asian and lesbian officers.  But this individual wants the public to know that doesn't hate everyone.  Indeed, he lavishes praise on President Obama, the First Lady, Sen. Diane Feinstein, CNN host Piers Morgan, and the anti-gun cause.  He also labels NRA president Wayne LaPierre a "vile and inhumane piece of s---," and professes support for same-sex marriage.  Though he offers respectful comments towards a handful of Republicans (George HW Bush, Chris Christie and Jon Huntsman), it's abundantly apparent that the essay's unhinged author is a man of the Left.  What relevance does this hold, vis-a-vis his crimes?  None whatsoever.  The fact that this particular loon identifies with one end of the political spectrum is a reflection upon neither liberalism nor its adherents.  That being said, if this guy left behind a lengthy missive ripping Obama and inveighing against gun control, there is absolutely zero doubt that the national media would be whipped into a frenzy.  We'd be treated to days of "national conversations" about "hate" and "incitement," during which Conservatives would be forced to explain that no, they don't support the killer or his actions.  Some liberal opinion-makers and politicians would simultaneously be clamoring to use his horrific acts to bully their political opponents into silence.  But because this perpetrator happens to hold liberal views, the press is (rightly, in this case) downplaying the political angle to the story.

The California murders aren't the only manifestation of our media's disgraceful double standard.  As Katie reported yesterday, the Family Research Council shooter allocuted in court this week that his intention was to slaughter as many employees as he could at the socially conservative organization last August, then smear their corpses with Chick-fil-A sandwiches.  He went on to admit that he'd culled his hit list from a map of "hate groups" published by the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center.  By his own admission, this radical gay rights activist sought to carry out an explicitly political mission involving the massacre and desecration of people he viewed as ideological opponents.  Not only has the media decided against vaulting this story into a sweeping national narrative, they're barely covering it at all.  The same could not be said of their coverage after the awful Giffords shooting in Tucson, which sparked gales of opprobrium against the collective American Right.  These baseless slanders marched on for days.  Right-wing radio, Fox News, the Tea Party, Congressional Republicans and Sarah Palin's famous map were all denounced as sources of dangerous levels of "hate."  These attacks still would have been grossly unfair even if Jared Loughner had been a schizophrenic with a twisted conservative belief system.  But it quickly became apparent that Loughner wasn't political at all.  His associates said he didn't follow politics, and had almost certainly never seen Palin's map.  The entire blame-the-Right template was based on a repulsive, partisan rush to judgment -- and guess who was an active participant in the tar and feather brigade?  You guessed it: The Southern Poverty Law Center.  Just to be crystal clear, the Arizona shootings (and a host of other terrible events) were instantly laid at conservatives' feet, despite a total dearth of evidence to support even the manipulative suggestion that political factors were somehow to blame...yet the media dutifully devoted hours of programming and hundreds of column inches to exploring the "larger meaning" of the tragedies, with politics front and center.  Today, the press has essentially yawned at two actually violent psychos with clearly and publicly-stated Lefty worldviews.  Allahpundit's bottom line is depressingly spot on:

When, as today, the facts don’t lend themselves easily to a “right-wing apocalypse” narrative, then suddenly all of the grander meaning in the killer’s political sympathies melts away. The double standard has become so obvious and so grotesque that I doubt most media liberals would even deny it anymore when challenged on it. It’s unmistakable and indefensible and they know it. And rest assured, the next time some lunatic kills a bunch of people and it turns out his MySpace profile lists Ayn Rand as one of his “likes” or whatever, they’ll do it all over again. Lessons will not be learned because this isn’t about lessons. It’s about reptilian political advantage.  

I honestly don't know how conservatives can counter the media's Orwellian advocacy and bias.  It's appalling, unfair, profoundly dishonest, and utterly undeniable.  And yet it will continue.