Actual Thing: Bill Clinton Named 'Father of the Year'

Posted: Jan 10, 2013 3:31 PM

Not a parody

Former President Bill Clinton is getting props for being a good dad.  Clinton was named the “Father of the Year” by the National Father’s Day Council on Wednesday. The group selected Clinton for his “profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations,” Dan Orwig, chairman of the National Father’s Day Committee, said in the announcement. The award will be presented at a luncheon in June.

Chelsea Clinton seems like a delightful, poised young woman, and I'm sure she and her father love each other very much.  But couldn't this award have gone to someone who hasn't repeatedly cheated on the mother of his only (confirmed) child?  Just a thought.  Maybe serial infidelity and betrayal have an expiration date for certain privileged figures in society.  Speaking of which, being a Democrat must be nice; even your most serious and glaring personal failings are gradually expurgated over time -- to the point that your Achilles Heel eventually becomes the subject of public celebration.  When does John Edwards become eligible for this trophy, I wonder?  Hell, Ted Kennedy was glorified as a great champion of women's rights at the DNC in Charlotte, yet conservatives were scolded for pointing out the sick irony therein.  

Parting thought - Which accolade was less deserved:  Clinton's 'father of the year' award, or Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?