NAACP President: Tim Scott Doesn't "Believe in Civil Rights"

Posted: Jan 03, 2013 12:36 PM

Disgusting, but entirely unsurprising.  Welcome to the Senate, Mr. Scott:


“We have Republicans who believe in civil rights — unfortunately he is not one of them,” Jealous said. “And unfortunately his party as you know, has really gone after so-called RINOs as they call them, these Republicans who believe in civil rights, again and again.”

Here we have the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People slandering a black man who is...advancing to the United States Senate, where he will serve as the the only African-American member.  Sen. Scott's sin is that he's a conservative Republican, which is apparently tantamount to opposing "civil rights," however that term is defined these days.  Jealous explains that Scott's 'F' rating from his organization is telling because their scoring rubric is all about measuring "what's in people's hearts."  So the NAACP has peered deeply into Tim Scott's heart and soul and has concluded that he -- a black man who was raised by an indigent single mother in the deep South -- does not "believe" in his own civil rights.  That's hideous.  Conservatives of color earn an extra dose of respect in my book because the abuse and venom they endure from some within their own communities is staggering.  The sick irony is that the farther they advance, the sharper the attacks become.  In some quarters, one's advancement is only a celebratory event if one is the correct sort of "colored person," as Robert Griffin III learned several weeks ago.  I'll leave you with three notes:

(1) After Ben Jealous makes his inflammatory and insulting assertion about Tim Scott and civil rights, the statement passes totally unchallenged by CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux.  I realize the segment was wrapping up, but come on.

(2) In case you'd forgotten, this sort of racial bullying is par for the course with today's NAACP.

(3) The Republican Party has carried the banner for authentic civil rights for more than 150 years, leading the charge on barring slavery, fighting lynching and achieving equality under the law -- with many Democrats fighting them at every turn.  Read this 2008 column by Bruce Bartlett, which elucidates this strangely secret history in greater detail.