Video: SNL Mocks MSNBC's Post-Debate Coverage

Posted: Oct 08, 2012 11:14 AM

This sketch was funnier than their actual "cold open" debate send-up, in my view.  Sharpton's portrayed as an ignorant buffoon, Maddow as a smug know-it-all and Matthews as a fevered blow-hard.  Imagine that.  Enjoy:

My favorite line was the juvenile "nice face, governor" taunt -- basically conceding that they had nothing on Romney.  Aside from that, it's really too bad Darrell Hammond isn't around to play Matthews anymore.  He captured the idiosycratic yelliness perfectly.  I still say nothing can top the comedic value of the real deal:

An instant classic.  Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is capitalizing on the newfound excitement generated by his lopsided debate win.  His online fundraising has exploded (significantly, a majority of the money has come from first-time donors) and his crowds are huge.  The GOP nominee addressed an estimated crowd of 13,000 supporters in Port St. Lucie yesterday afternoon: