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This is my shocked face.  These are the people who explicitly gave the thumbs-up to Reid's lying buffonery -- of course they won't condemn it:


It was a rough day on the Sunday show circuit for Robert Gibbs, who directly contradicted his boss on two separate occasions.  Romney's rapid response team quickly cobbled together this illustrative clip:

One of Obama's top campaign officials believes Americans are better off today than they were before he took office.  Obama himself disagrees.  Oops.  Meanwhile, amidst the Harry Reid shinola storm, Mitt Romney is talking about an issue that actually matters to voters: Jobs, jobs, jobs...

Romney gives several solid answers here, particularly on the small businesses filing as individual taxpayers point.  My only quibble is that he didn't correct Borger's assertion that polls show that a majority of Americans oppose extending all of the current tax rates.  Several surveys indicate exactly the opposite.  It's also unnecessarily risky to put a hard number on the jobs he's promising to create.  Romney should learn from Obama's repeated mistakes on making specific economic promises.  I'll leave you with two new Romney television ads, one on the economy, and the other on Israel:



The first spot should air everywhere. It's excellent.  The second one ought to blanket Florida.


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