Meanwhile, Americans Still Loathe Obamacare

Posted: Jun 05, 2012 1:42 PM

With all eyes trained on Wisconsin today, national Democrats and the White House are feverishly trying to advance a bogus "equal pay for women" narrative.  Sure, their proposed solution would enrich their trial lawyer buddies and cast the GOP as misogynists, but the entire discussion is aimed at accomplishing something else: Averting voters' eyes from the slowing economy and dreadful jobs numbers, as well as one of the president's least popular "accomplishments:" Obamacare.  According to a new poll from the National Journal, an eye-popping super majority of Americans want the Supreme Court to strike down the individual mandate -- the law's central pillar:

According to the poll, some 74 percent of Americans want the Supreme Court to strike down the individual mandate that’s at the heart of the Affordable Care Act. Only 23 percent wanted the mandate upheld, and 3 percent didn’t know or refused to answer. Those results are in keeping with other public-opinion polls. Some Supreme Court justices were openly skeptical of the mandate’s constitutionality during oral arguments earlier this spring, and Congress could well find itself this summer facing a gutted or overturned health care law as well as a public that still is demanding progress toward universal coverage—all at a time when the deficit is swelling, Washington is polarized, and the presidential and congressional elections are looming.

Without the individual mandate, Obamacare implodes.  Because of its guaranteed issue and community rating provisions, citizens would be free to wait until they needed health care to purchase "insurance," a totally unsustainable model for the industry.  Premiums and costs would explode, insurers would go out of business, and tens of millions of Americans would be stripped of their coverage (on top of the millions who are already losing their coverage under the law).  Roughly three out of every four people in this country want the High Court to toss out the Constitutionally-suspect element of Obamacare that, for the first time, requires every single American to purchase a product.  Democrats seem to think that demonizing and bullying the Court will turn the public against it if the Supremes partially or completely strike down Obamacare.  Perhaps they haven't seen this poll.  Or all the others that have demonstrated similar levels of public distaste for the law.  But hey, maybe the American people will suddenly rally to Obamacare's banner when they discover all the wonderful outcomes it's already achieving -- like forcing colleges and universities to drop coverage, due to the law's onerous mandates and conscience violations