Audio: Al Sharpton's Thoughts on "Chinamen" and "Homos"

Posted: Mar 14, 2012 5:32 PM

Since we just suffered through an frenzied public debate about Rush Limbaugh's "slut" epithet -- which was exhibit A in the Democrats' failed "war on women" offensive against Republicans -- I thought it might be edifying to reflect on the nuanced stylings of former Democratic presidential candidate and current MSNBC anchor, Rev. Al Sharpton.  The Breitbart crew has pieced together some rather flavorful clips from Al's various rants and interviews through the years, all of which prove that we must condemn the Left's wars on whites, blacks, Asians, and gays:

Sharpton's uber-serious NBC-branded news program begins in just under half an hour.  Will viewers be treated to his latest commentaries on "Chinamen," "crackers," "n***ers," or "homos" this evening, or are those words reserved for the Reverend's "sermons"?  Remember, MSNBC led the Boycott Rush charge.  Thought experiment: Let's pretend these were newly-uncovered tapes of a Fox News star.  Do you think they'd be getting a little bit of attention?  But this guy's an African American liberal, so ignore his outrages we much.

UPDATE - While we're on the subject of MSNBC and bigoted remarks, click through to watch Chris Matthews wondering aloud whether Republicans are really willing to "outsource" their nomination to a "cultist" Mormon.  Ah, but his remarks were in the context of describing conservatives' religious bigotry, you see, so it's all good.