Obama: No Worries, "I've Got Another Five Years" to Ruin the Country

Posted: Feb 24, 2012 9:01 AM

First, read this.  Now over to you, Mr. President:

In an interview with Univision, a seemingly confident Obama said he’ll have more time to work on hot-button issues like immigration in his next term. “Well, first of all … my presidency is not over,” Obama, who just a few months ago described himself as an underdog in the presidential race, said in a telephone interview. “I’ve got another five years coming up. We’re going to get this done,” he said. …“I would have only broken my promise if I hadn’t tried,” he said. “But ultimately, I’m one man. You know, we live in a democracy. We don’t live in a monarchy. I’m not the king. I’m the president. And so, I can only implement those laws that are passed through Congress.”

Ed Morrissey scoffs at Obama's monarchy line:

It’s not a monarchy?  You could have fooled us, considering the edict that Obama issued last month that tells religious organizations that they can no longer choose to follow their conscience and doctrinal faith in deciding whether to give away contraception for free to their employees.  That mandate relies on a law passed by Congress as a cover for executive diktats,  but the rule itself didn’t depend on Congressional action, although Congress might act to rescind it.

Indeed, the Majority of the Leader of the Senate is openly urging the president to behave even more like a lawless despot in order to elude all the dirty business of Constitutional checks and balances:

Speaker-in-waiting Nancy Pelosi's said pretty much the same thing.  If watching that Reid clip plus reading Obama's presumptous licking of his rhetorical chops over the prospect of extending his "fundamental transformation" project for another half-decade isn't enough to get you to unite behind whomever ends up as the Republican nominee, I'm not sure what will.  Oh, and incidentally, the eventual Republican nominee will be one of the current candidates.