Holder: You Know, 'Lying' Is Such A Complicated Concept

Posted: Dec 08, 2011 1:10 PM

Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder is testifying about the ever-worsening Fast & Furious scandal before the House Oversight Committee today, and Katie is all over it -- as she has been for months.  Stay tuned for her coverage of the hearing, but I thought I'd share this pointed exchange between Holder and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner over whether or not the DOJ has been "lying" by knowingly feeding false information to Congressional investigators as the story has unfolded.  "Intentionally not telling the truth" seems like a pretty basic working definition of "lying" to me, but then I'm not nearly as brilliant as our Attorney General, who adopts a more nuanced Clintonian perspective:

Holder's testimony has gotten heated at times, with Democrats contorting themselves into rhetorical pretzels (one Congressman invoked white supremacists, for some reason) to deflect and distract from the core issues, and Republicans volleying snippy remarks from the Attorney General.  The Obama Justice Department is certainly acting innocent, aren't they?  Much more from Katie, coming soon...

Racist Exam Questions?
Walter E. Williams