Sick: MSNBC's Bashir Commemorates Steve Jobs' Death by Savaging Sarah Palin

Guy Benson
Posted: Oct 07, 2011 12:41 PM

This commentary by Martin Bashir is vile and astonishingly mean-spirited, even for MSNBC.  Regardless of what you think of Sarah Palin, to exploit the occasion of a great American innovator's death as an opportunity to verbally brutalize your own personal political bete noir is jaw-droppingly disrespectful to the former individual, and cruel to the latter.  I'm not sure exactly what this haughty, faux-intellectual "newsman" hoped to accomplish with this monologue, but he surely managed to make himself appear petty, small, and vicious (via Breitbart TV):

In case you'd forgotten, Bashir is a hack of the first order.  He was the dope who suggested it was illegal for Sarah Palin's tour bus to feature an American flag, and who devoted an entire segment of his show to "diagnosing" the entire Tea Party movement as mentally ill.  So I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by this drivel.  I was, however, disappointed to see a beaming Dylan Ratigan heaping praise on Bashir at the tail end of the clip.  Ratigan seems like one of the more normal guys over there.  I guess I'd hoped he'd have the reaction that Bashir's attack would elicit from most Americans: Revulsion.