Videos: Jay Carney vs. Jake Tapper, Marco Rubio vs. Strawmen

Posted: Jul 15, 2011 9:42 AM

Happy Friday, folks.  It's been a long, stressful week in politics, so let's start things off right with two videos that will likely result in nodding heads, rather than exploding ones.  First is the clip of the instant-classic briefing room tangle between White House spokesman Jay Carney and reporter Jake Tapper.  It's every bit as glorious as the transcript suggests.  How refreshing is it to see a mainstream reporter doing his job by punching a giant hole in Obama's demagoguery template, and steadfastly refusing to let it go?  Pretty refreshing (via Breitbart TV):

Up next is a debt-related floor speech delivered by Sen. Marco Rubio yesterday morning.  I just got around to watching it late last night, so I'm a bit tardy on this one -- but even 24 hours later, it's well worth your time.  If every American could hear Rubio's appeals to common sense and reason, and if every Republican could speak with such relatable conviction, Quinnipiac's polling data on the debt fight would look a lot more like Rasmussen's.  Skeptical?  Just watch:

Enjoy these precious moments of probity while you can, for at 11am ET, another disingenuous lecture from on high awaits.