Deep Thoughts: "Why I'm a Democrat"

Posted: Jun 27, 2011 9:56 AM

WARNING - If you're not careful, the raw appeal and captivating intellectual allure of the arguments advanced in this College Democrats promotional video may convert you to liberalism (via Breitbart TV):


Amidst the swamp of inane boilerplate, a handful of incisive one-liners shine through:

(1) "I'm a Democrat because of the PATRIOT Act." 

Based on recent events, I can only assume this young man is a fervent supporter of the PATRIOT Act.   Surely he's aware that Congress just reauthorized his favorite legislation at the behest of the Democratic administration, which was also backed by a nasty piece of hysterical demagoguery from the Democratic Senate Majority Leader.

(2) "I'm a Democrat because I'm a Christian, not in spite of it."

Approximately one minute later:

"...Because America is a democracy, not a theocracy."


(3) "I'm a Democrat because I believe the government should take care of its citizens."  This particular quote serves as a convenient reminder of why many of us are not Democrats: Because we believe Americans should work hard and take care of themselves and their families, and that the government should help provide a compassionate, limited, Constitutional, and fiscally sustainable social safety net for those who need it most.

Alright, who's convinced?

The Totalitarian American Left
David Limbaugh

UPDATE - The College Dems appear to have yanked the video off of YouTube.  What?  Too effective? 

UPDATE II - The immortal clip lives on at vimeo.