Are Conservatives Imploding (Again) in an Upstate New York Special Election?

Posted: May 11, 2011 11:56 AM
*See updates below*

We told you about this hack last month, and now that he's posing a real risk of playing the spoiler in a GOP-leaning district, eeeevil outside group American Crossroads is going up on air and lowering the boom:

Election Day is two weeks away.  To those Western New York conservatives who may be flirting with supporting this "Tea Party" candidate, let's all take a moment and recall just how committed a Constitutionalist Jack Davis truly is:

Enough said.

UPDATE - I suppose it's worth mentioning that the actual conservative in this race is Republican Jane Corwin.

UPDATE II - Good grief:

In February, David Bellavia, a decorated Iraq war combat veteran and conservative Republican, was passed over by GOP party chairmen as a candidate for New York's 26th Congressional District special election. Bellavia tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD that tomorrow night at a rally in Rochester he will strike a blow against those party bosses--and Jane Corwin, the Republican they nominated--by endorsing another candidate in the race.

"I will endorse a candidate, but it will not be Jane," Bellavia told me during a phone interview this evening. 

Bellavia indicated, without explicitly saying so, that the candidate he will endorse in the May 24 election is Jack Davis, a former Democrat now running as a "Tea Party" candidate. "Jack is a veteran. Jack is a self-made man," Bellavia said. "He's a guy who will leave his factory to his workers when he dies. He's right on immigration. He's right on jobs. The issues that I disagree with Jack, I disagree with all three [candidates]. There's not one pro-life candidate in this race."

With all due respect to Mr. Bellavia, whose valorous service to this country we all admire deeply, this is an indefensible move.  He's bitter that he was passed over for the nomination, so he's planning to exact revenge by...torpedoing the most conservative candidate in the race?  Huh?  If Bellavia is the self-stylized "true" conservative he claims to be, how can he possibly justify shifting his endorsement to an admitted Barack Obama/Nancy Pelosi sycophant?  If he's worried about the absence of a pro-life candidate in the race, why on earth would he support a man who favors partial birth and taxpayer funded abortions?  (Also, Republican establishment, how hard is it to find a pro-life candidate for a pro-life district?)

With polls very tight, and the center-right bloc that comprises a majority the district feuding, this race is starting to feel eerily familiar.

In case you're wondering: How conservative is NY-26?  It favors passage of the Ryan budget by nearly 20 points.  This race shouldn't be close -- but it seems upstate New York conservatives have a very special knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

UPDATE III - Guess who slammed Jack Davis for "dishonoring" the troops in 2006?  Surprise: