Clarity: British PM Inveighs Against "Islamist Extremism," Mutliculturalism

Posted: Feb 10, 2011 10:14 AM
Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the annual Munich Security Conference earlier this week on the subject of the proliferation of violent extremism and its sources.  Cameron's speech amounted to an unsparing indictment of western nations for their dangerously paralyzing refusal to name and confront radical Islam.  It also offered an unapologetic rejection of multiculturalism, and a stirring defense of western culture. 

Cameron called on the West to combat Islamism and employ a "hard nosed" defense of the way of life free people have fought for and cherished for generations.  He also warned against conflating non-violence with political moderation, an error often committed by the political class.  Although some American conservatives may find a few nits to pick with certain elements of it, Cameron's speech was a declaration of refreshing moral clarity from a Western leader.  Ben Shapiro calls the lecture the most consequential for civil society since Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" address in 1946.  Perhaps that's a bit hyperbolic.  But given the existential threats free societies face, and our stubborn refusal to adequately identify and deal with those threats, perhaps he's right.  Judge for yourself:

Given the metastasizing menace of radical Islam within Cameron's own borders, delivering this message took courage, conviction, and great care.  He should be applauded for his important stand, and his words should be taken very seriously.  And if anyone is tempted to disregard as exaggerated the threat about which he so eloquently spoke, simply watch the chilling video embedded in Katie's post from yesterday.