NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Orders Undercover Gun Sting in Arizona For Some Reason

Guy Benson
Posted: Feb 01, 2011 11:28 AM
Just in case more than a year of enduring sanctimonious lectures on their state's immigration laws wasn't sufficiently galling for the people of Arizona, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has found a way to up the ante:

First of all, it's well known that some of the US cities with the longest-standing and harshest guns laws (pre-Heller DC, pre-McDonald Chicago) have been beset with gun violence for decades, so Bloomy's premise is flawed.  Secondly -- and I ask this with all due respect -- what the hell is Michael Bloomberg doing setting up an undercover task force, the primary purpose of which seems to be to embarrass a state more than 2,000 miles away from his jurisdiction?  Perhaps the mayor should spend less time wasting New York taxpayer resources stepping all over another state's toes, and a bit more time preparing for the next snow storm.  Maybe then his administration could demonstrate the ability to clear the streets quickly and efficiently while avoiding costly union shenanigans, and without inventing self-serving statistics.

Seriously, Mr. Mayor, this little gambit may help satisfy your gun-grabbing impulses, but it really doesn't help dispel the whole 'pushy New Yorker' stereotype.