Civility: Left-Wingers to Picket DC Walmart Developer's Home

Posted: Jan 18, 2011 4:01 PM
The Left just spent the last week pretending to care about civil public discourse.  Therefore, I eagerly await liberals' unambiguous denunciations of this plan, which will target a private citizen's personal residence because his company dares to lease property to Walmart.  Labor union activists are distributing a flier urging activists to "march on the developer's house" to protest this perfectly legal exercise in free enterprise:

Gasp!  Do I see crosshairs on this flier?  According to the Palin-inspired New And Improved Standards of Political Speech recently erected by the Left, these unions are engaging in underhanded tactics and "dog whistles" to incite their members and supporters (including, by the way, people who aren't in unions and will never actually see this flier) to commit acts of violence.  Indeed, any potential future violence carried out against non-union affiliated businessmen will be the direct result of this bloodthirsty call to arms.  Why, these unions are finished!  And polite society ought to seriously consider measures to restrict their First Amendment rights. 

In all seriousness, though, Thursday's planned protest is the sort of unseemly political thuggery we've come to expect from the likes of the SEIU and their fellow travelers.   Recall this scene from May, when hundreds of rank-and-file bullies descended upon the home of a Bank of America executive:

Gird your loins, Mr. Knapp.  This angry carnival well arrive at your doorstep in 51 hours.  Sure, your business venture will help provide affordable goods and services  to local residents.  Sure, it will also create hundreds of jobs.  But who needs jobs these days, anyway?