Surreal: Obama Turns White House Presser Over to...Bill Clinton

Posted: Dec 10, 2010 5:23 PM
The apparent goal: Enlisting Bubba to help sell the bipartisan tax deal to hesitant Democrats. 

The practical result: An avalanche of major media and online buzz over the spectacle of former President Bill Clinton commandeering a White House press briefing after the current Oval Office occupant surrendered the microphone, and left the room.  Like Obama, I'll step aside and leave you to process this image (video, if you can handle it, is HERE):

Let's see: Republicans win a midterm election landslide as the nation recoils from massive liberal overreach, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is all over the news, Rush Limbaugh dominates AM radio, and this guy is pontificating and pointing from the presidential podium.  Welcome back to the 1995, folks! 

Hey, I've gotta run; my friends and I are going to try and sneak into Se7en, even though it's rated R.  Apparently it's really scary and has an awesome twist ending.  No spoilers, please.

UPDATE: I couldn't resist embedding a video clip, courtesy of the Daily Caller --

UPDATE II: President Obama's approval rating has dipped to a paltry 42 percent according to McClatchy -- a poll taken before the country witnessed the Leader of the Free World duck out of an important press event to attend, um, a White House Christmas holiday party.  But hey, Eggnog > Governance, am I right?

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent, an established Obama sycophant, called Obama's decision to peace out and leave Bill running the show "shrewd" and a "nice touch."  Um, sure.  I wonder if White House advisers would agree with that analysis, considering that they reportedly didn't even know about the Obama-Clinton joint appearance until it happened.  Just...Wow.