Pathetic: Environmentalists Whine About Palin's Reality Show

Posted: Nov 16, 2010 10:47 AM
Does the Left's pettiness and desperation know no bounds?

John Toppenberg, director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, said scenes in an online trailer for the programme appeared to show the former Republican vice-presidential candidate breaking the rules of Wolverine Creek, a famous spot where bears – and humans – come to fish. "It's clear from the video that she violated the guidelines," he said, calling her actions "a travesty".

In a preview of Sarah Palin's Alaska, a part nature documentary, part candid camera of the daily life of one of America's most controversial political families, the former state governor is seen fishing for salmon with husband Todd and family members. She can be seen apparently holding her rod towards brown bears on the river bank, while the party's boat appears to be closer to the bears than guidelines advise. The Alaska department of fish and game says people in a boat must not fish within 30ft of a bear. "It's clearly irresponsible," said Toppenberg. "She is encouraging the violation of important guidelines. Humans can get too close to the bears."

Behold, the unspeakable "travesty:"

Sigh.  Did these environmentalists miss the part when the boat edges a little too close to the bears, and Palin suggests that they "back up"?

It doesn't matter, of course.  Absolutely nothing that Sarah Palin does seems to escape the Left's feverish, paranoid scrutiny.  As they see it, her new show's ratings coup must not, and cannot, stand.  She is undermined, derided, and accused of wrongdoing in virtually everything that she does, almost without exception.  It's exhausting to keep up with, really.

Mr. Toppenberg, I say this with the utmost respect: Get a life.

UPDATE:  Just for good measure, sore loser Lisa Murkowski piles on, telling CBS News that Palin lacks "leadership skills" and "intellectual curiosity."  That's funny, Lisa, because Alaska voters apparently thought she had plenty of both when they voted for her over your father -- from whom you received your Senate seat.