Heh: Olbermann's Grand Return to 'Countdown' Loses to Maddow in Ratings

Posted: Nov 11, 2010 11:09 AM
If you were watching Olby's program while heavily medicated on Tuesday night, you might be forgiven for suffering the delusion that you were witnessing an iconic moment in American television history.  You weren't; except for the brief moment in which Olbermann gritted his teeth and forced himself to praise a handful of conservatives (skip ahead to 2:25):

If you're a sadomasochist who insists on watching the whole clip, beware: Only this amusing piece of knowledge will make Olbermann's pompous self-congratulation couched in feigned humility bearable to watch:

Maddow had 439,000 in the A25-54 demographic, compared to 426,000 for Olbermann...

Meanwhile, the numbers didn’t come close to even half of Fox News’ ratings. Bill O’Reilly had 898,000 and 3,795,000 and Sean Hannity had 887,000 and 3,253,000.

Good night, and good luck.