Kos: Gee, If Only We Could Completely Change the Electorate, We Would Totally Win This Thing!

Posted: Oct 28, 2010 4:22 PM
The parade of Lefty pre-carnage excuses marches on:

If all registered voters voted, we'd be in much better shape - by kos

Sharron Angle doesn't even break out of the 30s among all registered voters, yet she's a good bet to win next Tuesday. We'd be looking great in Pennsylvania, even favored to hold on the governorship that has seemed like a lost cause all cycle. Jack Conway would be in good shape to pull off an upset in Kentucky. Michael Bennet would be looking solid in Colorado. And California wouldn't even be on the radar screen.

The Republicans are poised to win huge because our side won't turn out. I'm with those who think progressives are justified in being pissed and demoralized. I don't have the energy to sugarcoat it or pretend otherwise. But no matter how pissed and demoralized we are now, we'll be ten times as pissed and demoralized if we have Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Jim DeMint. (What, you think McConnell would hold on to the top spot?)

But if Republicans make their expected massive gains, it won't be because America turned against the Democrats, but because Democrats stayed home.

How's the view from Fantasyland, Markos?