Tragic: Sales of Obama Merchandise Plummet

Guy Benson
Posted: Sep 14, 2010 1:21 PM
So. Very. Sad:
He was everywhere. In the worst of the recession, Obama was creating jobs and spurring consumer activity -- and all it required were vendors and Web sites hawking stuff that could somehow be tangential to him and his moment in history.

But even an industry that might have seemed recession-proof apparently can't survive the doldrums that hit the president near the midterm elections.

Souvenir vendors in Washington say once-thriving sales of the garish merchandise fawning over the president are nowhere near what they were.
(Stand by for the Left to wet itself over the "culture of violence" photograph that accompanies the WaPo story).

I started to notice this trend last year, and apparently it's only accelerated as our president's popularity nose-dives. 

Who's up for a lame-duck session Obama Merchandise "jobs bill"?