NRCC Prepares Weekend Ad Blitz In Swing Districts

Posted: Sep 10, 2010 3:29 PM
The buy:

The National Republican Congressional Committee is set to launch a major television ad blitz in 11 Congressional districts next week in what will be the House GOP’s first multi-district independent expenditure drop of the 2010 cycle.

Earlier this week, the NRCC opened its fall TV campaign with a 30-second spot in the South Bend, Ind., media market targeting Rep. Joe Donnelly (D). The NRCC will remain on the airwaves in Indiana’s 2nd district next week while also targeting Alabama’s 2nd district, Arizona’s 1st district, California’s 11th district, Florida’s 2nd district, Kentucky’s 6th district, Mississippi’s 1st district, Tennessee’s 8th district, Texas’ 17th district, Virginia’s 5th district and Wisconsin’s 7th district.

The theme:
A general theme that is carried across the new round of ads is that Democrats are supporting Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and not representing their districts. In the ad that is set to go up against Rep. Ben Chandler, an announcer describes the Kentucky Democrat as Pelosi’s “lapdog.”
Your reaction, Mme. Speaker?