Gen. Dempsey on Women In Combat: Society's Fault We See Men As "Warriors" & Not Women

Posted: Jan 24, 2013 2:40 PM

B to the S! There's no doubting that after hearing this General Martin Dempsey would make a great "women's studies" college professor. Dempsey says it's all psychological and societal pressure that determines males to be seen as "warrior" and women as not. Colleges have been pushing this line of garbage for years and have finally succumb to waving the white flag because the simple fact is reality is just to hard to ignore. This male/female worldview sees no inherent difference between males and females--only their different genitalia. This is how they can fully embrace homosexual marriage--after all, if there's no inherent difference between a male and a female there's no need to have each sex in the picture: there's nothing unique that a woman offers to her children and there's nothing unique a male offers to his children.

Having said all this, I can't bring myself to believe Panetta and Dempsey are this deceived. On the other hand, if they are deceived, let me say that there is something worse and more dangerous than deception: self deception. If these outside-the-box "deep thinkers" really believed what they said, Title IX would have made all sports intramural instead of adding more female opportunities for female-only teams. Instead, they stick to pixie-dust-sprinkled talking points and label those who disagree with them as sexist, homophobic, etc.


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