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D'souza Discusses His New Movie "Obama's America: 2016" on O'Reilly

Dinesh D'Souza has received a bit of criticism for tying Obama's "dreams" to those of his absent, deadbeat father. I don't know how one could argue with D'Souza when he literally uses Obama's own words--from his personally-voiced audio book--to indict him. If you haven't seen Obama's America: 2016, please do so. A couple years ago I made a quick video showing the second most overrated politician in the world poo-pooing D'Souza's thesis--I think he ends up looking pretty stupid considering his comments are juxtaposed with Obama's own words. See for yourself:


Here's D'Souza last night on the O'Reilly Factor with guest host Laura Ingraham:

Also, check out Lee Habeeb's piece at National Review hitting on this subject titled "Dreams From My Brother."

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