Obama's Super PAC Founder: Our Ad In No Way Suggests Romney Responsible For Woman's Cancer Death

Posted: Aug 08, 2012 8:30 PM

This is one incredible piece of video from today's "Situation Room" with the Beard and his two CNN hosts. Bill Burton, the Former Obama White House Press Secretary turned co-founder of Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama SuperPAC, spent 20 minutes denying any intent by his SuperPAC to connect Romney with the death of Joe Soptic's wife. In fact, Burton tells the Beard that the ad, which is only currently running on the internet, will soon be airing in every battleground state in the country: "It'll show up on TV soon," he assured the CNN viewers.

I give credit to CNN for how they opened up this segment; their timeline regarding this issue is a slam dunk against Obama and his stooges. But like the president, Burton always maintains innocence with a certain "How dare you imply that!" sort of demeanor. Here are a few of Burton's denials of any connection that the ad implicitly if not explicitly drew:

"We're not saying Mitt Romney's culpable for that."

"We would never make that case."

"It's clearly lost on some folks."

"That's not the point that we're making."

"That's not what the ad suggests."

"I think this is so funny."

Note: I found it pretty amusing that the Beard--after he thought the segment went to a commercial--turned to Burton and said, "Good job!" after the first 15-minute segment. I thought that deserved a word bubble. Enjoy the absolute hilarity!