MSNBC's Dumb & Dumber: #1 Problem In America: Alpha Males...Or Something

Greg Hengler
Posted: May 04, 2012 6:15 PM

WOW! I've been monitoring cable news for almost six years now and this segment is probably the dumbest piece of liberal deconstruction (read: psycho babble) that only a college professor or pothead would pretend to understand. Michel Foucault never sounded so rational after a six-minute dose of these two turds.

These "ideas" are always chic in liberal circles--especially on college campuses; they always bring a head nod and a chin grab.

I was hanging in there until the two-minute mark or so, after that, I simply watched them feed off of one another's idiocy. I know liberals like these two are not in short supply, but I just can't understand how so many of these dream weavers live in that world without falling into utter despair when they are all alone with their less than worthless thoughts and beliefs.

It was refreshing to hear two liberals blame human nature for humanity's woes--as opposed to their usual blaming of race, gender and economics (the liberal trinity)--but their solution remains the same: Big Government.