Obama: I've Done More Than Any President To Lower Gas Prices UPDATE: Vid Fixed

Posted: Mar 01, 2012 2:30 PM

Obama begins his speech in Nashua, NH with his talking point from last Thursday. He is the master at building a straw man argument and then burning it to the ground to the delight of his audience. What we learn from this speech is that President Obama has what many wished George W. had: the ability to get out in front of oncoming criticism and cover his backside.

He who frames the debate controls the debate and Obama is framing this energy debate masterfully. Sure, he says, gasoline prices are skyrocketing but "we're doing all that we can do." More than that, he is claiming that his administration has done more to drill oil and create energy independence than any other president in history. He fails to mention that the drilling "his administration" is doing is the result of policy enacted under W.

Obama makes no mention of the Keystone Pipeline, but I'm sure he'll figure out a way to avoid taking responsibility for rejecting it.

Try to watch this and not just shake your head.