Obama Demagogues UAW: "It Would Have Been Another Great Depression" Without Auto Bailout

Posted: Feb 28, 2012 1:05 PM

Obama just wrapped up his twenty-five and a half minute speech to the United Auto Workers union in Michigan. I've never seen him so at home. His speech begins by mentioning that the private sector didn't save GM and Chrysler--it was the "tax dollars" he gave them. Might I ask this: Who employed the people that contributed the tax dollars to your coffers, Mr. President? On top of that, Obama said that Ford (who did not take a government bailout) would have fallen if it were not for the government rescue of GM and Chrysler. Huh?

A couple more notes about his speech: Obama spent about half his time attacking Americans who were against the auto bailout: "They're out there talking about you like you're some special interest that needs to be beaten down." Obama is correct about the UAW being a "special interest," but is wrong that "they" wanted GM and Chrysler to be "beaten down." The Big Two fell due to what many saw as poor management and a substandard product. Gingrich has noted that the auto industry did not need a bailout--only GM and Chrysler (UAW union-run auto companies) were tanking.

Finally, Obama wrapped this speech by reminding us that Obamacare is "already lowering costs" in America. Again I say, huh?

BTW: Note how Obama's salute to the bartenders supplying the after-work booze to UAW union members gets the loudest and longest applause.

Here's Obama telling the UAW that Obamacare Is "already lowering costs" and he also invites UAW union members to mock those who see them as a "special interest." Go figure.