Robot Romney Fails To Face Fox's "Center Seat"--Appears Inconvenienced During One-On-One Interview

Posted: Nov 29, 2011 7:25 PM

I don't know why Romney failed to appear on Fox's "Center Seat" and face the music from the likes of Krauthammer, Goldberg, and Willaims just like the other GOP candidates. What I do know is that this guy fails to connect with me every time he speaks--especially when he appears testy and contemptuous like he did in this interview with Bret Baier.

I would vote for Mitt in a second. I would defend him if he were our nominee. I could make a strong conservative argument for his nomination. What I would not have the capacity to do is knock on doors for him, walk precincts, or work at a phone booth if he were our candidate. I could not do anything that required passion or excitement as my motivational force because he fails to move me on any level. In other words, he fails to connect emotionally. I don't get fired up when I think, see, or hear Mitt Romney. I made this point to my colleague and he said, "Yea, his excitement-factor is just like that of John Kerry in '04." I said, No, because John Kerry was human enough to be very unlikable. Romney is neither likable or unlikable because he is so vanilla, boring, plastic, and lifeless. As the old adage goes: What comes from the heart enters the heart. And when I see or hear Mitt Romney, "heart" is the last word I would use to describe the guy. Put simply, he fails to connect. This, I believe, is at the root of his stagnation and the reason why there's the "anything but Romney" voting block. I could be wrong. We will see.