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Remember when the teensiest infraction would occur at a Tea Party--or better yet--remember when nothing occured at a Tea Party event but the MSM reported that Tea Partiers spit on John Lewis--even to this day? The MSM were constantly trying to dig up Tea Party dirt, and when they found nothing they would run clips 24/7 of Democrats posing as Tea Partiers holding Hitler signs. Remember that?


Now we got the "Occupy" movement. These folks provide more dirt than the MSM would know what to do with. So what do the MSM do with such a gold mine? They bury it and annouce the success and legitimacy of said protesters while lying about the size and scope of their movement.

Now I understand the media likes to inflate statistics for the benefit of their liberal beliefs, but proclaiming that the "Occupy" movment has expanded to THOUSANDS of countries!! And then they follow "Occupy's" 99% talking points to a tee. Calgon, take me away!

God only knows how Republicans are able to win a single election.

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