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"Show Us The Plan!": WH Press Corps vs. Carney on Obama's Debt Plan

Ed Henry is the first to ask Carney about Obama's plan: "Why not put it out there?" Henry also asks: "What was the point of giving a prime time address to the nation without an Obama plan?"

Next, Chuck Todd doubles down on Henry's challenge and causes Carney to stutter a bit. After Todd's feisty challenges, a reporter named Carol triples down on the press's "show us the plan" challenge to Carney and Obama. The scene is ugly and unpleasant--if you're on Team Obama.

After all the hemming and hawing from Carney over Obama's so-called plan, we learn that he really doesn't have one "because," Carney said," we want a result." Go figure.

He has a plan but not really. Truly Orwellian, or as it should be known based on his performance so far as president: Obamian.

Here's the silver-tongued rhetorician's JV standout:


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