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I Feel Like A Loser But I'm A Superstar!: Judas-Loving Lady GaGa Breaks Down & Prays To The "Lord"

Really, what does one say except how very sad, troubled, and confused this person is. This girl Lady who sings how in love she is with Judas--the man who betrayed Jesus, is now praying to Him when reality of the empty promises of this life sink deep into her heart.

This video highlights how much more she needs her fans than she claims they need her. She is playing god and it is not hard to note: she refers to "the kingdom that is my fans." In her prayer she talks about "my gift is the worship of others." I ask this: Why isn't she praying to her fans then?

This Lady, who says that she has to "tell myself I'm a superstar every morning" is simply a microcosmic look into the human idolatry most of our culture participates in. Very, very sad.

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