Scholarships for White Males

Posted: Mar 03, 2011 9:22 AM
Jehmu Greene claims this white-only scholarship is "against diversity and inclusion." It absolutely is, and white boy, William Lake is not denying that. Ironically, Jehmu is the one in denial. If diversity and inclusion are set goals, why is she defending black and female-only scholarships? Jehmu says she fears the "reopening" of segregation, but I say again, the only segregation happening today is the self-segregation done by blacks and Latinos. As I've written before, black and Latino graduations are unapologetically advertised and performed all over the country. This upside down vision of King's Dream is the thread running through liberal thought: Americans [if they even put themselves in this repressive category] are all equal, but some (read: blacks, Latinos, and females) have the right to be more equal than others (read: whitey). Indeed, Marx is alive and well!