How Many Victims Believed in Native American Spirituality?

Posted: Jan 13, 2011 2:18 PM
Dead Victims And Their Faith:

Judge John M. Roll: "Fervent Christian"

Gabriel Zimmerman: Jewish

Christina Taylor Green: Catholic

Dorothy Morris: ?

Dorwin Stoddard: Christian

Phyllis Schreck: Christian

Putting aside the pep rally-like atmosphere at last night's memorial--which, by the way, would people please stop the Pavlovian whooping after every statement, especially those statements associated with the liberal trinity: race, class, and gender?--why was the opening and ONLY blessing done by a Native American/non-"medicine man"/professor from the U of A?

I thought this memorial service was supposed to be for the victims. When Obama went through the profiles of those who died at the hands of Jared Laughner, all I heard was professions of their Christian faith (e.g, how involved they were with their church, etc.) and nothing about anyone believing in Native American spirituality.

The pressure to make the pep rally memorial service as politically correct as possible must have been heavy, but no amount of weight should have brought them to the conclusion that the best way to honor the victims would be with a Native American prayer from a Mexican-Indian-male-professor (heterosexual?) who said he was not even a "medicine man."

There has been little said about this, but blessing the fish, and the reptiles, and the masculine sky and the mother earth did not jive with the occasion--neither was the need to announce his Mexican heritage (with, of course, the out-of-place Mexican accent) to the Pavlovian whoops by the Brown political hacktivists.

Considering this opened the memorial service and with the continuing cheers and whoops at every possible occasion, I found very little about the service to cheer about.

Note too there's no connection or relevance as to what he is saying and the reason for him being there until about six minutes into his "prayer"!