"Brown Relief": NPR Latino Glad Assassin Was A "Gringo"

Posted: Jan 13, 2011 12:19 PM
What on EARTH is "Brown relief" and if there is such a thing, what is "relief"?

Why did Juan Williams get fired by NPR for saying he gets nervous when he sees someone in Muslim garb getting on his plane, but when a Latino says they are relieved when a white boy kills someone they are invited to write a commentary about it?

When Al Sharpton got shot, I had White relief that it was not a Caucasian. Sound ridiculous? Racist? Indeed. NPR and our educational institutions will continue to grow this weed and tell us Americans that it's actually a rose.

HT to Katie Pavlich for the original posting.

BTW: "Brown relief" is like "social justice," as soon as you add a word in front of the word "justice" it is no longer justice. The Left sees the world through the lens of their trinity: race, class, and gender (used to be called "sex"). No longer can we Americans have feelings about something, but the feeling must be tied to your race.

It is right to give thanks and praise in the liberal church. So note how Daisy Hernandez pays homage to another part of the liberal trinity when she remarks how ironic it was that a gay Latino came to the Congresswoman's aid. So what? It's not enough to thank our fellow Americans when they help us, but we must also note their sex, skin color, and their choice of sexual partner(s). Good grief.

UPDATE from Carlos: What if a Gringo with a Brown sounding name did the shooting? Or a Black kid with a Gringo sounding name? What if the shooter was Half Gringo and Half Black? Or Half Brown and Half Black? Is a Native American - Brown? How about an Asian Indian - are they Brown, Black, or Gringo? I tan well. Can I be called Brown? Or am I a Brown Gringo? What if a Gay Gringo came to the Congresswoman's aide - would that count? What if a Gringo Lesbian wasn't there - but wished she could have helped? Is Swiss Cheese a good Brain Substitute for Liberals?