Rep. King Calls Obama “Very, Very Urban”

Posted: Nov 30, 2010 6:26 PM
I'm not the kind of guy who sees the big "R" on every wall, but this one heads down that road. King's comment may not be racist, per se, but his remark is rather loaded to say the least.

: vonryansexpress got me to change my mind:

I don't see that at all here.

Pigford claims are rural and Mr. King is commenting on Mr. Obama's facination with them here as a urban legislator. King is hot on the fraud of the Pigford remedy and he's from the corn-beltiest of the corn belt.

The subject here is the Pigford, not Mr. Obama.

I'm a very, very urban creature ... and not African-American.

King gets a bad bump on the road here.