MSNBC's Brewer On Homosexuality: "We Hope To See More Progress From The Mormon Church"

Posted: Nov 17, 2010 1:54 PM
VMSNBC's Contessa Brewer wants to see Mormons "progress" away from God's Word and to start endorsing man-on-man and woman-on-woman sex, marriage, and other indecent acts (public and private) associated with the homosexual lifestyle.

Don't you just love the "or else" soft threats from the Left? They whip up a new definition of the word "progress" and then label deviators "intolerant," or, in this case, homophobic? No civil argumentation; no time dedicated as to why Mormons and a majority of Americans see homosexuality as a human aberration. Thousands of years of human history suggest that children are best reared in a home with a mother and a father serving as role models--among many things--but post-modern, enlightened, evolved, progressive thinkers believe that "gender" roles are anachronistic.

My 2-cent vent: Gender. The word makes me angry because it's chock-full of left-wing successful brainwashing. No longer are we asked what our sex is because this would produce and objective answer. Thanks especially to our educational institutions--especially our universities--we are taught to think of our sex as fluid and subjective determined by how we feel. With this new word and the thinking behind it, men no longer have to be men and women are no longer have to be women. In fact, your gender can be a little male, a little woman, and a little unsure.

The fruits of this new way of seeing sex as gender have produced a culture that no longer sees mothers as providing something special to their children that the father could not, and fathers providing something to his children that the mother could not. Two mothers are now just as good as a mother and a father because one of the mothers' gender may feel more male than female. Same goes for two fathers.

The use of the word gender may seem harmless, but think about it, why the sudden change? Why is gender taught so passionately in all of our freshman year courses at college? Do you think there is an agenda? I think the effects are clear and they have produced excellent results. We now are all using the word gender and our educators, leftists, and fellow homosexual citizens are declaring victory. I say we stop.