Dr. Phil: "Dangerous" To Have Gov't Ban Happy Meals--Cooper Defends Food Police

Posted: Nov 12, 2010 6:32 PM
I'm up in the San Fran area training at the new UFC Gym and having some fun in Lake Tahoe over the weekend, but I made a Starbucks pit stop so I could post this video.

The so-called "devil's advocate" stance Cooper takes is a pathetic, typical lib mind-set: parents have no control over their kids, and, besides, the parents are victims too because it's not a "fair fight" due to all the cash thrown into ads.

Hey! I got an idea. Whaddaya say you pull your kids away from the tube?

As for Anderson Cooper: If you expect to keep your figure slim enough to fit into those schmedium T-shirts, you better continue passing on those Big Macs.