"We're The Dream Keepers": Dems Offer Better Message Than GOP's "Lower Taxes & Limited Gov't"

Greg Hengler
Posted: Nov 05, 2010 6:43 PM
Shelia Jackson Lee was not finished after delivering this deeply effective and time-tested message, no, she then delivered the Democrat knock out platitude punch: "We're not selfish." Ding! Ding! The fight is over and I am going to join this winning team. Thanks to the breadth, depth, and effectiveness of these two party platforms delivered by the pleasant Congresswoman, Shelia Jackson Lee, I am switching parties. See, it pays to watch MSNBC.

Quiz: Which Democrat mantra is deeper (i.e., causes liberals to get greater thrills up their legs): 1) "Hopenchange" 2) "We're The Dream Keepers" 3) "We're Not Selfish"?

BTW: New bookend.